About us

Custom Fabrication shop offering services for all metals and alloys. Mild steel, Stainless steel and aluminum Sheet metal forming and cutting design.
No job too small. Preventive maintenance, seasonal and pre-seasonal upkeep for your heavy equipment and vehicles. Dutchman Services Ltd is your one-stop shop!

High quality welding services

Our professional team of welders and machinists can give you the right advice and take action to make your goal a reality, making sure you get the best quality service at the lowest price.

Dutchman Services Ltd performs iron jobs, such as balconies, handrails, ramps, stairs and decorative work. We also do repairing heavy machinery and metallic structures, mostly with residential and commercial customers.

We are always perfecting our methods at the shop in order to offer you a complete array of services and taking care of everything in house, which saves time and money to our customers. We are now one of the best-equipped and most competent mobile welding team in the Leduc Region.